Identity theft

Cyber steelers are on the prowl for social security numbers and personal information so they can impersonate as you and file a fraudulent return. Know the signs of identity theft:

1. You get a letter from the IRS inquiring about a return you did not file (Note: IRS will NEVER call, their correspondence is via letters)
2. Your return cannot be e-filed as someone has already filed a return under the same SSN.
3. You get noticed from the IRS indicating that an online account has been created or that your account was disabled, or that you owe additional tax or get a refund for a tax return you did not file.
4. IRS records indicate you earned income from an employer whom you never worked for.

So, you have identified that you are a victim of identity theft. What are the steps you can take to protect yourself now?

Respond to any IRS notice immediately. Call the number provided on the letter.
In case you are unable to e-file your return because a fraudulent return has already been filed then complete the form 14039 “Identity theft affidavit” along with your return and mail it to the IRS.
You could request a copy of the fraudulent return by filing Form 4506-F “Request for a copy of the Fraudulent Tax Return”
If you get a notice that you cannot claim a certain dependent on your tax return because someone else did that already then YOU need to prove that you’re entitled to claim the dependent. Form 886-H-DEP provides a comprehensive list of documents required to support that.

Get more information at or give us a call if you need help with any of the steps outlined above. Stay safe, protect your information.